Swansea Wedding photographer Michelle Huggleston shares her favourite spots for wedding photographs with in our grounds 

You’ve booked your wedding at The King Arthur Hotel and now you’re starting to think about how it’ll actually be, how the day unfolds, and where you’d like your wedding photographs. The beauty of getting married in The King Arthur Hotel is you don’t have to go far for photographs. They offer so many unique spots on site, you’re almost spoilt for choice for your wedding photography at the King Arthur Hotel.

I’m here to help you out with your wedding photography. I know you’ve seen so many wedding photographs at The King Arthur Hotel and you want to do it all and perhaps you don’t know where to start. I’m here to tell you, you can and should do it all! You don’t have to go far for your wedding photographs, in fact you could stay onsite for all of your wedding photographs. Here some unique spots for your couple wedding photographs on the grounds at The King Arthur Hotel. 

Spring or summer, the meadow is beautiful. In spring the meadow is full of daffodils and in summer there is such a beautiful carpet of wild flowers. I’d really make use of this, you could shoot in the day or evening (depending on the weather). I couldn’t believe how far back the grounds actually went. This is a must have for a wedding here. Top tip if you have a wet wedding or a winter one make sure you have some back up shoes (just in case!)

In summer in particular, what makes The King Arthur so special is there are so many incredible blooms, such an array of colours and textures. I had such fun during a wedding last summer, making full use of the hydrangeas, they added so much colour to my wedding photography and made for a beautiful backdrop.


Isn’t the willow tree gorgeous? I haven’t shot here at night with the lights on (this is one shot I can’t wait to capture), but I have used it as a beautiful backdrop for couple photographs. Again, making full use of the grounds that this wedding venue has to offer.

The gate between the meadow and the pond is something so simple yet so effective. Couple photos, family photos, wedding party photos. You can make full use of this gate, and let’s quickly mention the pond; it’s another part that adds such a variety to this wedding venue. In such a small space of time we could run through numerous locations, without travelling too far.

One of my favourite additions to The King Arthur Hotel is the outside lights they’ve put up. Last summer it felt like we were abroad. The lights give such an incredible atmosphere that I think having photographs on the pathway is also a must!

Top tip, really make use of the grounds. Not just for wedding photographs but for fun and games. It’s great place for garden games, for children and of course the adults!

With your wedding photography, if you do want to mix it up, remember Cefn Bryn and the coast isn’t too far from The King Arthur. Cefn Bryn takes only a few minutes in the car. There are also so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Rhossili is one of my absolute favourite spots!

Make full use of this incredible venue and explore the grounds before you head off site. There is so much choice and you chose The King Arthur Hotel for a reason, work with your photographer to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

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